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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many cows do you have?
    We average 80 head.
  • Alabama or Auburn?
    Roll Tide
  • Where are you located?
    Hayden, Alabama is 30 minutes north of Birmingham and 30 minutes south of Cullman. Hayden is in Blount County.
  • How many high tunnels do you have?
    4 completed and a 5th on the way.
  • Are your cattle grass-fed or grain-fed?
  • Where do you get your plants from?
    We start all of our plants from seed starting as early as late December.
  • What's the difference in a violin and a fiddle?
    The instrument is the same, the only difference is the music you're playing. If you're dressed fancy in black, you're playing a violin. If you're kickin' back in your overalls and bare feet, you're playin' a fiddle. We love both.
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